It is definitely a digital time. We are always carrying a computer in our pocket, our watches have the ability to display photos and videos, and our calendars are completely digital.  I can’t remember the last time I used a paper planner. I totally get it! I am right there with you. But when it comes to photographs, you shouldn’t rely on just the digitals. Technology changes all the time and the method of viewing changes all the time.  I know we also remember floppy discs! When was the last time you saw one?

Not too long ago I used to hand clients digital images on a cd, and now the computer I am using to write this post DOES NOT HAVE A CD ROM DRIVE! What?! If I had all my images on a disc, I would have to find another way to view them. With how busy I (well most of us moms) are, I may just push that aside and forget about it. How would I show my family and friends just how cute and adorable my kids were? How would I, MYSELF, see those wonderful memories of their first breath or those first few weeks of their lives? Easy! By printing photos and creating albums. Tangible items that we can see and touch. Those are things that will not go away.  They will not change the format on how to view them. They will be passed on to our children for them to look back and see how loved they were, to see the kinds of clothes they wore when they were little, to relive those memories that are buried away and sometimes forgotten.  

I know that I love to look at my parents’ albums of when I was little! All the polaroids and prints that they printed and placed in a leather album that can easily be taken out and shared. Looking back and seeing the huge fro of curly black hair my older brother had, and just laughing! If my parents had not printed what they had I would not be able to see those forgotten memories or hear our family stories. My mom still has portraits of me and my brother from various ages hanging on her walls. She cherishes them so much more now that she probably did back then because I am grown and have my own family. Time goes quickly, but she can just look up on the wall while she has her morning coffee and see that portrait of me and remember the day that photo was taken and the memories of braiding my hair for those portraits.


The Lack of Emotional Connection To Digitals

What memories do you get when you look at a cd? Or a usb drive? Digitals are wonderful for archiving, because things happen and you may need to reprint.  But what happens if (or when) your hard drive crashes? Trust me, it totally sucks. We had a hard drive full of our wedding photos crash years ago! Cue heart attack and ugly crying. But what dried my tears was the fact that we had a beautiful album full of images from our very special day and no matter what could or couldn’t be recovered from that drive, I still had these tangible photos to remember that happy day.

Where Digitals are Actually Useful

And don’t worry, I didn’t forget about Facebook and Instagram. I totally understand you want to share images on social media! But, let’s not forget about our home. Those photos are truly what makes a house a home, YOUR home. Digitals are meant to be shared online and kept as a back up. How can you enjoy beautiful portraits of your family if they are in a junk drawer or on your computer? The answer…you simply can’t. And think about the financial aspect. Did you just spend $1000 and sometime more on a photo session to just have your images sit unseen in a drawer? Of course not.

How can I help you?

Because I want you to enjoy the images just as much as the session itself, my client collections include prints, albums, and frames already in them at varying levels. No need to worry about making time to print and order. Let me do that for you! Let me help you get those beautiful faces up on those walls and displayed in a beautiful album! Trust me, you won’t regret enjoying those photos every time you walk into the room. I guarantee they will make you smile.  I am always available to discuss different options that will fit on certain walls, what sizes to put where, what color frames to match your decor. We will create beautiful pieces of art that welcomes others to your home and says “this is us”.

Contact us to book your newborn session! Don’t miss out on capturing these precious moments.